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Electric kettle

Bring Home the Right Electric Kettle with these Tips

Bring Home the Right Electric Kettle with these Tips - Neno Kitchenware

We all have used electric kettles during our hostel days for making more than just tea/coffee. It has been our go-to ‘feeder’ for the morning, afternoon and late-night munching.

Electric Kettles are no more limited to boiling water only. Nowadays, electric kettles are utilized for a variety of functions, from making tea or coffee to cooking various number of things. With the evolved uses of Kettle, the make and efficiency of electric Kettles have also improved.

You can also reduce cooking time and save gas by using the kettle for cooking food on the stove. It’s a smart multi-tasking appliance in the kitchen!

Hence, buying an electric Kettle is not limited to just going to the market and getting the one you see first. It is important to keep certain points in mind when buying the electronic kettle you want for yourself.

This Neno Electric Kettle from Neno Kitchenware is the one you’ve been looking for in your kitchen. Let’s take a examine these significant aspects:


Everyone wants to have a product that will last for an extended period of time. This is the same for electric Kettles. It is not a good idea to spend cash on an electric Kettle that will only last an entire year and doesn’t take advantage of purchasing it over a long period of time. One way to determine the durability of the product is its warranty. Brands like Neno Kitchenware back their products with guarantees, making them reliable among their customers for a long time.


The efficiency in an electrical Kettle is an important factor to take into consideration before purchasing it. It’s based on the brand capacity, size as well as the user-friendliness and durability that comes with the Kettle. These factors can make the Kettle work better and last for a long time.

Boiling Speed

This is the most crucial aspect to think about when buying the electric Kettle. A Kettle that has a fast-boiling speed can save many hours. Two minutes of time difference in the speed of boiling between slowest speed of boiling for an electric Kettle could result in significant energy and time utilized. It is now possible to determine how much time you’ll get by buying an electric Kettle with a higher boiling speed.


Another aspect to be considered is the size of your Kettle. With a 1.5 liters capacity, the Neno Electric Kettle can give you up to 7 cups of boiling water in a few minutes.


Many aspects like the performance and durability of electric kettles depend on the materials they are constructed of. Kettles made of glass and stainless steel are thought to be superior in quality as compared to plastic Kettles. Furthermore, plastic Kettles are unable to be heated as well as steel and glass. In addition, if your Kettle is made from plastic, it could affect the taste of your drink as well. Therefore, it’s crucial to verify the substance on the electronic Kettle prior to buying.

All of these features make the Neno Electric Kettle one of the best electric kettles in the market. When you choose from our range of cooking solutions, be assured of world-class quality at no additional cost. Neno electric Kettles not only stand tall on all the above-mentioned criteria but also fit in everyone’s budget. In short, you’ll be able to rest assured.

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