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Neno Mixer Grinders

Neno Mixer Grinders in Indian Kitchens: 5 Effective Uses

From our grandmothers’ days when they used a grinding stone to grind food by hand, to modern, technically advanced mixer grinders that mix food, blend it, and grind it in minutes, kitchen appliances have surely advanced. Mixer grinders play a crucial role in modern kitchens, since they reduce manual work and save time, allowing for quicker cooking.

Neno mixer grinder is designed for multiple tasks, including pureeing, mixing, grinding, mincing, and chopping, and produces a fine product without any clear pieces. Neno mixer grinders have separate jars for wet and dry grinding, and also provides a separate chutney jar.

With international quality, innovative, technologically driven products available in multiple categories, Neno Kitchenware is one of the most popular kitchen appliance brands in India. These electric mixer grinders come equipped with many features including a powerful motor, space saving design, smart sensor technology that automatically switches off the machine in case of overload, oil seal for longer smooth functioning that improves motor life, flow breakers to enhance grinding performance, lid clip for hands free operations, cord winder for easy storage and many more. 

These are most effective uses of mixer grinders in Indian kitchens:

Masala Powder

In Indian cooking, masala is the most important ingredient. A fresh, homemade masala makes all the difference between a good and a lip-smacking dish. Women prefer to make masala at home with fresh ingredients. Cloves, cardamom, Bay leaf, black pepper, cinnamon are the spices that are first roasted and then ground together in the Neno mixer grinder to make a dry masala powder. 


The easiest and fastest way to make purees is to use a mixer grinder, whether you need to make a tomato puree for sorbet, mince pumpkins, carrots, or beets for soup, or grind ginger and garlic for a paste (Indian food is incomplete without ginger garlic paste).


Indian food would not be complete without chutneys, just as ginger garlic paste. Chutneys add that dash of spice to a good meal, whether dry or wet. Keeping the importance of chutney in mind, Neno mixer grinder models have a separate chutney jar that is specially designed to make the best chutneys. Coconut chutney, for example, requires a good quality mixer with strong blades to achieve a good consistency.

Idli/Dosa batter

In today’s world, Idlis and dosas are more than just south Indian dishes. A good mixer grinder will make a fine paste of soaked urad dal and rice for you to make those fluffy, steamy idlis!

Grinding sugar /Oats /Puffed rice

Another feature of a mixer grinder is its ability to grind dry ingredients. From fine powdered sugar to finely ground roasted oats, puffed rice for use in healthy food recipes, a mixer grinder makes quick work of these otherwise time-consuming tasks.

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